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Asset Recommendations

These are the recommended quality settings and file sizes of various asset types, for an experience to work smoothly.

3D Models

  • Supported file formats: glb, gltf, gltf2


DeviceRecommended Max ResolutionRecommended Max File Size
Flagship mobile devices4096x204810MB
Low-end mobile devices2048x10245MB

Supported file format: mp4 (H.264 with AAC Encoded Audio)


DeviceRecommended Max ResolutionRecommended Max File Size
Flagship mobile devices8192x40965MB
Low-end mobile devices4096x20482MB

Supported file formats: jpg & png

You may use online compression sites like tinypng to compress png and squoosh to compress jpg images, for a lossless compression.

Media Compression

Equirectangular Images

The editor uses Equirectangular Panoramic Images for the background elements.

Equirectangular images should have an aspect-ratio of 2:1


Oculus Go doesn't support images (both normal and panoramic) of resolution more than 4K (4096x2048)


  • Recommended file size: 2MB
  • Supported file format: mp3