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Create XR Experiences - Publish - Track with Analytics - Features of GMetri Platform


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Building Blocks





Organization: When you that sign up on the GMetri Portal, you are assigned an organization by default. You can invite others to join your organization and others can invite you to join theirs. A user can be part of multiple organizations at once.

Default Organization: On creation of a user account, you are assigned an organization by default which is called as the default organization for you.

Experiences: Experiences are the XR Experiences created by you. You can create experiences but experiences are owned by the organization under which it was created. Experiences can have multiple collaborators.

Team Members: All users that are a part of a particular organization are team members of that organization.

Collaborators: One or more people can work on an experience simultaneously. They are called collaborators. Any collaborator can invite more users to become collaborators for an experience.

Administrator of an organization: You are the admin of your default organization.

Editor: Editor is the canvas where you can drag and drop various Elements and add rules to create immersive XR Experiences.

Dashboard: Dashboard displays all experiences of an organization.

Elements: Elements are basic building blocks used to create 2D and 3D Experiences on the GMetri Platform.

Viewer Group: is a set of people allowed to see a deployment on the GMetri Platform. Every Deployment has a Viewer Group and anyone in an organization can create a Viewer Group. Several types of Viewer Groups can be created.