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3D Model

GMetri supports .glb and .gltf[2] formats for displaying 3D Models on the web.

3D Model Element

3D Models can be uploaded using the File Manager or imported from SketchFab or Google Poly.

Uploading 3D Models


  • Transform: 3D Placement (Translate, Rotate, Scale)
  • Scale
  • Opacity
  • Wireframe: Toggle wireframe mode
  • Auto Animation: Autostart the animation baked into the 3D Model
  • Auto Rotate: Autorotate the 3D Model in place
  • Hover Animation: In case you want this element to react to the pointer hovering over it, check this.

    Hover Animation is effective only when there is is clicked or has been clicked event rule set for this element


  • Events: When 3D Element has been clicked/is clicked/is hovered for (n) seconds/is pressed (controller only)/is released (controller only)
  • Actions: Then 3D Element should
    • appear/disappear/toggle show/hide/
    • start animation (selected, loop on/off)/stop animation (selected, loop on/off)/
    • start all animations/stop all animations