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AR Viewer

AR Viewer can show interactive 3D models in your surroundings. This is a mobile only feature.

3D Model Element


For devices that don't support AR, we fallback to showing a 3D model on a plain background (instead of your surroundings)

After entering AR mode, move your device to start tracking a surface to place the 3D model.


  • Mobile Devices: All Android devices supporting ARCore and all Apple devices running iOS 12+.
  • Non-mobile devices: Fallback to showing a 3D Model on a plain background.

File requirements for 3D models


After placing 3D model:

  • To adjust size: Use two fingers (pinch-to-zoom)
  • To move: Click and drag the base of the model
  • To rotate: Touch and drag on Android, use two fingers to rotate on iOS.


  • Actions: Then AR Viewer should appear