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Audio/Sound can be added to an experience using two elements:

  1. Audio: Use this to upload an existing audio file.
  2. Audio TTS: Use this to use text to generate audio, by converting Text To Speech (TTS).


Playback Properties

  • Volume: This sets the initial volume of the audio. You can later change this using rules.
  • Muted: Check this to mute the audio. You can later unmute this using rules.
  • Loop: Check this if you want the audio to keep looping

Speech Properties (Only for Audio TTS)

  • Language
  • Voice
  • Speed
  • Pitch


  • Events: When audio ends
  • Actions: Then audio should
    • play/resume/play/seek to (n) sec/
    • pause/toggle play/pause/
    • mute/unmute/set volume to (n)