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Capture Input

Accept user inputs using Capture Input, and work with them using rules.

Capture Text Element


Fullscreen/Embed ModeVR/Headset Mode


  • Mode: "Text Box" / "Text Area" / "Dropdown"

Text Properties (Visible only if Mode is Text Box or Text Area)

  • Min Length, Max Length
  • Regex Check: An optional regex that the user's input will be validated against.
  • Regex Error Msg: Optional error message to show in case regex validation fail.
  • Options: A coma separated list of items to show in the dropdown.


  • Events: When audio inputs value/is closed
  • Actions: Then audio should appear

To save the value in a variable, use rule:

When audio inputs value, Then my_variable should capture value/append captured value

This will save the inputted value in my_variable