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Lights illuminate other elements in a scene. Different types of lights have different type of affect on other elements.
There are 3 different types of lights that are available for use.

  1. Ambient - All elements are illuminated equally
  2. Point - This light is emitted from a single point in all directions. A common use is to replicate light emitted from a lightbulb.
  3. Directional - This light is emitted in a specific direction towards a target element.


  • Intensity: Strength of the light. Applicable for all types of lights.
  • Color: Color of the emitted light. Applicable for all types of lights.
  • Fall off: Maximum range of the light. Applicable only for point light.
  • Transform: Position of the light in 360 space. Applicable only for point and directional light.
  • Target Object: Target element for light. Applicable only for directional light.