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Add a Sphere

Looks Sphere

Sphere Element


Sphere Element Properties

Scale TransformThe Transform section in the Properties tab can be used to manually set the position, rotation and scale of the element in the X, Y and Z coordinates
Scale ScaleScale can be used to enlarge or shrink the element uniformly
Opacity OpacityOpacity can be used to control the transparency of the element. 1.00 is Opaque and 0.00 is Invisible. An element with 0.00 opacity will still remain interactive.
Radius RadiusDetermines the Radius of the element
Arc ArcDetermines the arc angle that creates the profile of the element
ColorColor sets the display color of the element. Hex code values or RGBA values may be used.
Pivot PivotDetermines the point on the element that is to be treated as the pivot for the element while transforming or animating
Wireframe WireframeWireframe toggle determines whether the element wireframe i.e. edges of the mesh polygon, should be displayed instead of the solid element
Hidden HiddenHiding the element makes the element invisible and disables all interaction with it as well.
Animation AnimationThere are 3 types of default animations - Bounce, Rotate, Fade. These can be used to give an element visual emphasis.


When Event

  • is clicked
  • is hovered
  • is pressed
  • is released

Then Actions

  • appear
  • disappear
  • toggle show/hide


Android (Google Chrome)iOS (Google Chrome)Oculus GoPC (Google Chrome)