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Feature Set

Analytics Views, Viewers and Avg. Session Duration


This is a count of unique logins that occurred to view your experience.


For public deployments, every experience load counts as a new viewer.


This is a count of the number of times your experience was loaded. The views section will also show you a time vs views count graph.


Free accounts support only 50,000 lifetime views acorss experiences.

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Average Session Duration

This measure gives you an idea of how long a user session lasts on an average.

Average user session duration is the sum of the duration of all user sessions divided by total number of user sessions.


This gives you the count of views per browser for your experience. The browser section will also show you a pie chart made with view count per browser.

Analytics Browser count


This gives you the count of views per platform for your experience. The platform section will also show you a pie chart made with view count per platform.

Analytics Browser count

Viewer Information

Viewer Information

This section shows all information related to every viewer that viewed your experience. This contains information on:

  • Viewer Unique Identifier
  • Name (blank for public views)
  • Email (blank for public views)
  • Score (If Score element is present in the experience)
  • Browser
  • Deice Identifier
  • Language
  • Device Resolution
  • CPU Class
  • Platform
  • Webgl vendor
  • Latitude, Longitude
  • Locality
  • Admin Area Level 1
  • Admin Area level 2
  • Country
  • Postal Code
  • Start Timestamp
  • End Timestamp

Sessions by Location

This section shows you geo-location information of your viewers on Google Maps.

Analytics Viewer Information


Free accounts do not support this feature.

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Rule Funnel

This section shows you a frequency chart of how many times a rule in your experience was clicked. Using this information you can gain insights into how your viewers navigate through your experience.

Analytics Viewer Information

Rule log

This section shows information on the rule and viewers that triggered it. This gives you a fine grained log of how exactly a viewer interacted with your experience.

Analytics Viewer Information

Leader Board

Leader board analytics page

  • The Leader board on the analytics page shows a peek at the leaderboard page through a mini chart.

This section will show up the score counted by the Score element in your experience.

Analytics Viewer Information

Leader board on a separate page

When you click on the more button, you'll be taken to a leader board page. This page provides you with further customizations on what information you want to show on the leader board via URL parameters.

Analytics Viewer Information

Fixed Parameter

  • Notice that the leaderboard's page URL already has a page_token parameter. This is used for authentication and should not be removed.

Optional Parameters

  • The following parameters can be optionally passed in the leader board URL:

    Parameter Default Values Function Table Header
    rows=<num> 50 Controls the number of rows shown in the leaderboard. -
    show_rank=true|false true Controls if the viewer rank is shown in leader board. Rank
    show_identifier=true|false false Controls if the viewer identifier is shown in the leaderboard. Identifier
    show_name=true|false true Controls if the viewer name is shown in the leaderboard. Name
    show_variables=<header1|var_name_1>, <header2|var_name_2>.... - Exposes any custom user variables. Here, header is any placeholder for the variable. The variable name to be shown is provided after the pipe |. As provided within the parameter (header1, header2 etc.)
    show_score=true|false true Controls if the viewer score is shown in leader board. Score
    keep= variable1_name| include_value_1: include_value_2: include_value_3, variable2_name| include_value_1: include_value_2: include_value_3-Use a variable to filter the leaderboard. A variable associated with the viewer is used as a table filter. `keep`will keep entries in leaderboard for only the specified variable values. One can allow inclusion of multiple variable values as well as filter using multiple variable. Variable values are separated by a colon ':', variables are separated by a ',' and variable are separated from their values by '|'.-

This page is accessible to anyone who has the link to the page.


You can choose to filter analytics by time. Find the dropdown menu for this on analytics page.

Analytics Filter

Filter Options

You can choose to filter with the following duration filters:

  • Today
  • Last 7 days
  • Last 30 days
  • Last 60 days
  • Last 90 days
  • Custom Range