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December 2021 Update (Teaxr v0.5.1632)

ยท One min read
Amit Rajput

๐Ÿš€ Major Featuresโ€‹

  • Portal

    • Leaderboard analytics enabled for all tiers
  • Editor

    • Unlimited deployments for all tiers
    • Fonts support for timer element
  • Viewer

    • New Anchored mode for EmbedHTML element which allows to fix HTML content on top of a target element
    • Improved login and viewer state management for deployment links

โซ Minor Improvementsโ€‹

  • Portal

    • General improvements to increase responsiveness on analytics pages
    • Feature restrictions w.r.t to Pricing 2021
    • For new signups 1st project created is always V5
  • Editor

    • Volume option can be enabled from preferences
    • Instructions element renamed to Stories

๐Ÿ› Bug Fixesโ€‹

  • Editor

    • Fixed issue with audio element preview and file selection
    • Fixed issue with AR element file selection
    • Removed textbox placeholders from unwanted places
    • Fixed dropdown displays for boolean variables
  • Viewer

    • Actionbar UI fixed for device having < 360px of height in landscape mode
    • Fixed issue with whitespace on iOS devices
    • Fixed issue with Viewer Form data save
    • Fixed dropdown styling on shopping card
  • Portal

    • Back to Experience links fixed on analytics page
    • Fixed google login