Digital Twin Technology Use-cases and Applications for Enterprises

There are situations when certain processes are difficult to execute in the real world. This could be because of the risks involved, geographical limitations, etc. In such cases, the digital twin technology proves to be useful. For the corporate world, training and onboarding employees every day with traditional classroom methods

Immersive Cloud and XR for Logistics and Warehousing

It has been observed that the effectiveness of the training methodology with XR in the logistics and warehousing companies is higher than any other medium, including videos, making it the future of training and development within the shipping and logistics industry.

XR for Employee Training in Manufacturing Businesses

One of the major concerns faced in the traditional methods of the training process of manufacturing companies is that some unit floors stop functioning during the training period. This leads to heavy production losses. Another concern is that the safety of new workers is jeopardized. Also, there are repetitive manufacturing

XR for Recruitment and Onboarding in Healthcare Industry

Reduction in the time required to onboard new hires is what companies look out for after recruitment. Another point to focus on is to ensure that hired candidates feel a part of the company and its culture by keeping them engaged with immersive XR experiences. This stands true for almost

XR for Training in Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Industry

Extended Reality has proved to be a boon for the pharma and healthcare industry for training, research and marketing. Many global big Pharmaceutical companies are already investing in the development of their own XR experiences for different purposes. It takes 60% less time to relay the same information in XR

How to Structure an Employee Onboarding Program with XR

Structuring the program efficiently is of utmost importance to make the virtual reality employee training and onboarding program effective. The modules have to be designed to prove the capacity of the XR Technology to enhance engagement, retention and recall for all your new joinees

XR in Airport Staff Training and Development

In any organization, qualified employees are one of the most important assets to increase productivity and improve the quality of services. For smooth airport functioning, the top priority is to offer suitable training in all organizational levels, not only middle and top management. Some of the skills required to be