Digital Twin Technology Use-cases and Applications for Enterprises

Certain situations might arise where processes can get challenging to execute in the real world. This could be because of multiple factors such as the risks involved, geographical limitations, or availability. For the corporate world, training and onboarding employees every day with traditional classroom methods turn out to be expensive, non-engaging, and often dull. Similarly, organizing events with employees all over the globe becomes impractical because of geographical limitations.

What is a digital twin- a replica of your real-world facilities that can be used to run simulations, training, as data dashboards and more. To define in simple terms, industries and organizations can now take informed decisions with predictions given by real time counterparts operating in the virtual world. These digital twins use machine learning and reasoning to update their behavior.

In such cases, the digital twin technology proves to be helpful. The traditional online events have their own set of limitations. But with the digital twin technology in place, these problems can be quickly resolved. Let us know more about their use-cases and applications for enterprises.

Digital Twin Technology for Onboarding

Companies can make new employees see your organization like never before with XR. It includes a bird's eye view or zoomed-in process documentation. You can define the journey and implement it efficiently. Active gamification can enhance experiences while, at the same time, there’s a significant boost in completion and retention rates. Creating several interactive gaming modules makes the learning process faster and more engaging.

This is an example of how gamification can be brought into the onboarding process and can be effectively customized.

The employees who attend customer calls have to resolve ambiguous problems throughout the day efficiently. In such cases, during the onboarding and training process, they are presented with questions and options to select from.

For example, a multiple-choice option requires the candidates to choose the correct options from:

●      Routing the calls to digital channels

●      Voice analytics

●      Demographics of callers

●      Intelligent assistance for calls

Digital Twin for Training

Training - Another Digital Twin Use-case

With XR in action, your employees can learn while standing within the scenarios or spaces they are training for. XR provides virtual representations of fellow employees that can be used for better training insights. Also, adding layers is easy and modifiable.

Here’s a use case example of how gamification can be brought into the training process of the employees in a supermarket, explaining the Dump Process:

With XR solutions offered by GMetri, companies can create topics for employees to select from the modules.

Module 1: Dump and Causes

Module 2: Proactive measures to avoid Dump

Module 3: Dump and Disposal

Further, the employees can click on ‘Module 1’ to select and unlock the topics in this module. Then they can click further to visit to cover the entire syllabus under the module. Scores are assigned in each module, and the sum of all makes the total for assessment and performance analytics.

During the training, employees can view the floor overview with different sections associated with supermarket management concepts like Less Stock, Dump process, Receiving deliveries, Pest and Rodents, Fruits and Vegetables, Product Handling, Non-grocery houseware, Markdown, Grocery (non-food), Frozen and Chillers, etc.

Modules can also be designed to take them through the cause of the dump. A few examples are mentioned below which are process-related:

Scenarios such as Inadequate training of staff and FEFO/FIFO not appropriately followed. Considering cases where there is no optimization of inner case size, flow through articles can cause a dump for small stores.

If regular revision of MBQs is not done, it leads to excess stock, leading to dumping. Also, incorrect recording of the dump in the dump register leads to mismanagement and confusion.

Once all these sections are covered and understood, trainees should be capable of identifying items that need to be dumped. Their evaluation will depend on the items they choose to dump with a single click.

Similarly, other activities that can be included are culling and sorting.

Culling is a process that includes removing and cutting off all undesirable leaves and stems. Sorting is nothing but grading the products according to their quality. With XR and the digital twin technology offered by GMetriXR, you can create powerful pedagogical models that take more than 95 percent of knowledge retention and engagement boosts by 10x.

Digital Twin for Training

Events - A Fruitful Digital Twin Application

Here we conclude the article, which comprehensively discusses case studies and applications using digital twin technology. GMetriXR brings your enterprise into an interactive 3D world - for hosting virtual events, remote learning, and collaboration.

Like the traditional way of organizing events, virtual events can also have multiple stalls. The attendees can enter the desired stall. For example, companies can organize employee engagement programs or events to meet and attract talent. They can further host them all in the events gallery of your virtual campus.

GMetri, the no-code metaverse toolkit, redefines experiences and engagement across the employee lifecycle, from talent acquisition, recruitment, onboarding, technical soft skills training, career and personal growth, and employee engagement. GMetri has delivered 1200+ projects and more than 200+ ongoing projects. Start the journey today, and you can request a callback here.

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