XR for Employee Training in Manufacturing Businesses

One of the major concerns faced in the traditional methods of the training process of manufacturing companies is that some unit floors stop functioning during the training period. This leads to heavy production losses.

Another concern is that the safety of new workers is jeopardized. Also, there are repetitive manufacturing training programs with every batch, and the process has to be planned and organized for each of them.

XR looks after all these concerns and does not require you to stop production lines or compromise when taking people through your facility. To resolve repetitive employee training in manufacturing, XR offers on-demand learning and is made accessible from any XR headset/tablet / mobile/desktop device. Also, it takes 60% less time to relay the same information in XR with a 95% + retention rate.

XR in Process & Machine Training

The Problem:

Machinery used for production is expensive and must be used efficiently for training and production. The production has to be stopped during the training process. Therefore, multiple steps and detailed SOPs have to be followed for every training program.

The Solution:

  • Learn about the machine - interact with it.
  • Walk around it.
  • See it in action.
  • Understand what it does.
  • Place it in front of you with the help of augmented reality (AR).
  • See someone else do the task with the machine.
  • Interface with HMIs.

XR for Manufacturing Companies


Get detailed SOPs and steps on the on-demand platform page, which can be accessed even after training by QR codes pasted on machines. Ask questions with the help of live/virtual trainer assistance, get information about dealing with exceptions.

Apply / Simulate / Gamify / Assess:

  • Do the task on a virtual machine in a safe environment,
  • Get a report on what you did well and where you were lacking, improve scores, and compare with your peers,
  • Get certified virtually before you get to work with the real machine.

Facility Virtual Tours

The Problem:

With traditional methods, an in-person visit is necessary to get the employees familiar with the facility's work environment. This might not be possible considering the limitation of production of XR for manufacturing.

The Solution:

An immersive tour with the help of digital twin technology allows you to walk around and explore a facility virtually. At the same time, a virtual guide takes you through the space, explaining specifics and bringing information that makes you understand the area thoroughly.

Interactive elements in the tour can reveal images, videos, audio, and even 3D models. In addition, incentives to visit more spaces or to understand processes deeply can be added via gamification elements like scavenger hunts, trivia, quizzes, or skill tests.

XR for Manufacturing Business

Some more AR & VR use-cases for Employee Training in Manufacturing Companies

  • Health & Safety Training
  • Recruitment & Onboarding
  • Soft Skill Training Simulations
  • Leadership & Inclusion & Diversity Simulations


Introducing gamification in employee onboarding and training and structuring the program efficiently clearly brings with it a wide array of benefits.

All the above benefits can be reaped with the help of GMetri's XR Platform. So start the journey today; you can request a callback here.

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