The Metaverse can redefine your Enterprise

Immersive Employee Onboarding and Training in Digital Twins of your facilities, to Virtual Offices for better collaboration and remote work. Our comprehensive solution is all you need to enter a new era of employee experience.

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GMetri is delivering Metaverse solutions to global giants with proven results via live data dashboards you can see to believe.

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Conventional Onboarding & Training setting you back?

Employee Onboarding is expensive, and a coordination hassle.
Videos are boring.
Physical events are expensive and have limited audience.
It’s difficult to measure the success of physical events.
Most ‘interactive’ onboarding modules want you to think that clicks = engagement.

Spatial Interactive Learning during onboarding improves knowledge retention

Gamification - Makes learning fun

An immersive audio and video learning experience in a VR headset aids in high memory retention and increased focus.

Risky scenarios for health and safety training in controlled environment

Roleplay and interactive elements in VR enabled training can prepare an individual before facing the real world equivalent

Works on any device and easily shareable

Embed experiences onto any platform of your choice. A simple single link integration platform.

No-code drag and drop creation of VR

The simplest toolkit out there - literally anyone can create beautiful, integrated, immersive experiences - in minutes!

As good as on-site experience

With employees working remotely, VR can create an office-like environment through virtual sharing

Standardize Training Methods

Use the same training materials and methods across your organization's teams and locations.

Build and launch your Metaverse without any code.

The Metaverse - powered by XR, will drive better engagement. Web3 is a trillion dollar market, guaranteed to create a better, embodied internet for everyone.
The Metaverse is the Future of Employee Experience
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