The Future of Employee Onboarding

Redefine your onboarding experience with the Metaverse

Don't just tell new hires about your company - show them why they want to be a part of it. Leave a lasting impression on your new hires through immersive onboarding.

Everything you need for Immersive Onboarding

Experience the power of GMetri, the groundbreaking no-code toolkit that makes creating immersive and interactive onboarding experiences in the metaverse a snap.

Seamless, Standardized Onboarding

Make sure new hires feel welcome and prepared to hit the ground running with a cohesive onboarding process.

Reduce Costs, Go Green

Save on travel and facilitation costs. A win-win for the company and the environment! Reduce onboarding spends up to 50%.

Integrated Facility Tours

Ask questions and learn about the company's operations firsthand. Understand your role and responsibilities from the very beginning.

Boost Engagement

Increase employee engagement by 3.5x compared to traditional onboarding methods.

Employees love GMetri

94% of new hires reported feeling more prepared for their roles and more confident in their ability to contribute to the company.

Speed up Deployment

Reduce the time it takes for new hires to become fully productive by 30% compared to traditional onboarding methods.

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Conventional Onboarding & Training setting you back?

Employee Onboarding is expensive, and a coordination hassle.
Videos are boring.
Physical events are expensive and have limited audience.
It’s difficult to measure the success of physical events.
Most ‘interactive’ onboarding modules want you to think that clicks = engagement.

You’re in good company

Join the ranks of innovative companies using GMetri to create the most engaging and effective metaverse onboarding experiences possible.

"We were looking for a way to make our employee onboarding more engaging and interactive, and GMetri was the perfect solution. Its no-code platform made it easy to create immersive metaverse experiences, and the templates were a lifesaver. Our new hires love it and retention rates have improved as a result. We can't recommend GMetri enough!"

"As a small business, we don't have a lot of resources to devote to employee onboarding. GMetri has been a game-changer for us - it's easy to use and the templates make it simple to create professional metaverse experiences. Plus, the analytics have helped us optimize our onboarding process and improve retention rates. We're so glad we found GMetri!"

"Our company has always struggled with onboarding remote employees. GMetri has been a godsend - it allows us to deliver a consistent and immersive onboarding experience no matter where our new hires are located. The deep analytics have also helped us identify areas for improvement in our onboarding process. We're thrilled with the results we've seen from using GMetri."

"GMetri's templates are a game-changer for creating metaverse onboarding experiences. They make it easy to create professional and engaging onboarding experiences without any design expertise - give them a try and see the results!"

The Metaverse: A game-changing way to onboard

GMetri's onboarding platform isn't just for new hires - it's also a powerful tool for recruiting top talent. Give potential hires a taste of what it's like to work at your company and help them make informed decisions about their career paths.

GMetri's onboarding platform is perfect for creating immersive and interactive recruitment centers. Set up a demo to learn more about how it can help you attract top talent!